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Q 1.With respect to the landforms of South East Asia, consider the below statements
1. Shan Plateau is a rain shadow plateau
2. Khorat plateau is situated on the right bank of the Mekong river
Which of the above is/are correct
a) 1 only
b. 2 only
c. Both
d. None
Answer – c
The moisture carrying winds from the Bay of Bengal are blocked by Chin hills, Arakan Yoma and other extensions of Himalayas, thus leaving Shan plateau in Myanmar dry, just like Vidarbha and Telangana on Deccan plateau with respect to Western Ghats.

Q 2.Consider the statements below
1. Luzon is the largest island administered by Philippines
2. The capital of Indonesia is located on its biggest island
Which of the above is/are correct
a) 1 only
b) 2 only
c) Both 1 and 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2
Answer – a
Luzon is Philippines’s largest island. Its capital Manila is situated on the same.

The largest island of Indonesia is Sumatra, while the capital city Jakarta is situated on Java island.

Q 3.Tropic of Cancer passes through which of the following South East Asian states
1. Myanamar
2. Cambodia
3. Vietnam
4. Thailand
Select the right code
a. 1 only
b. 1, 3 and 4
c. 3 and 4
d. 2 and 4
Answer – a
All the above questions fall under Distribution of natural resources across the world in Mains GS1.


Q 4. With reference to Paracel Islands, consider the following statements:
1. It is a group of islands located in the South China Sea
2. They are jointly occupied China, Vietnam and Taiwan
3. Most of the islands are coral islands and reefs
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
a) 1 and 2 Only
b) 1 and 3 Only
c) 2 and 3 Only
d) 1,2 and 3
Solution: b)
The Paracel Islands, also known as Xisha in Chinese and Hoàng Sa in Vietnamese, is a group of islands, reefs, banks and other maritime features in the South China Sea. It is controlled (and occupied) by the People’s Republic of China, and also claimed by Taiwan (Republic of China) and Vietnam. The archipelago includes about 130 small coral islands and reefs, most grouped into the northeast Amphitrite Group or the western Crescent Group.
They are distributed over a maritime area of around 15,000 square kilometres (5,800 sq mi), with a land area of
approximately 7.75 square kilometres (2.99 sq mi). The archipelago is approximately equidistant from the coastlines of China (PRC) and Vietnam; and approximately about one-third of the way from central Vietnam to the northern Philippines.

Q 5.Which of the following countries/water bodies is/are contiguous to Vietnam border/boundary?
1. Laos
2. Cambodia
3. South China Sea
4. Gulf of Thailand
5. China
Select the correct answer using codes below:
a) 1, 2 and 3 Only
b) 1,3 and 5 Only
c) 2,3 and 5 Only
d) 1,2,3,4 and 5
Solution: d)


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