Prayas-सूत्र [UPSC CSE Materials (Hardcopy)]

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Prayas-सूत्र [UPSC CSE Materials (Hardcopy)]

Best Rated Course:

It is important for every UPSC candidate to utilize the best study materials available. There are numerous books available in the market which makes it difficult for the students to complete the learning within a particular time period. However, IAS aspirants can utilize certain resources that are crafted after proper research and analysis. The UPSC CSE study resources from The  Prayas India have been created by experts with several years of domain experience. Many students have a hard time completing their learning and that is why they have to invest in quality study resources. We have created the best study materials which are available in hard copy. To start the deicated preparations, you need quality resources and you can certainly consider the available resources below. When you have the best UPSC CSE materials, there is no need to purchase all the recommended books. It is important to understand that whatever you have to learn for the exams can be accessed through some reliable resources. You don’t have to invest time or money in reading many books. The UPSC study materials available in the institute are a combination of textbooks, newspaper notes, magazines, NCERT books, and more. It is way too hard in utilizing the resources so consider using the best UPSC study materials created by The Prayas India. 

Get ready to start your IAS exam preparations with the available resources below. It is all about selecting good learning resources for completing the exam preparations.

Course Features:

  • 360 degree coverage of General Studies from Prelims as well as Mains perspective.
  • Meticulously planned schedule for timely coverage of syllabus.
  • Dedicated student portal for complete information on academic activities.
  • Regular tests on weekends and after completion of a particular module.
  • Tips and Techniques on notes-making and the importance of Micro-notes.
  • Concrete, particular and expert feedback based upon the performance in the tests.
  • Dedicated Doubt solving sessions.
  • Mains Answer Writing Practice and tips on the importance of diagrams and flowcharts in answers.
  • Dedicated session by experts and officers on Essay Writing and Ethics.
  • Relevance of Case-studies in UPSC CSE and guidance by experts and officers on how to effectively handle case-studies.
  • Tips and techniques on solving previous year questions (Prelims + Mains)
  • Holistic coverage of Current Affairs and understanding their linkages with the static syllabus.
  • Motivational Sessions by Officers.
  • Mock Interview Sessions by a panel of ex-officers and experts.

*Optional Subject is not included in this course. Need to subscribe separately for your selected Optional Subject.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Prayas-लक्ष्य has been ideally designed for aspirants who are aiming to attempt the exam in the next one year. The time required to complete the entire General Studies syllabus is ideally 10-months. In this course of 10-months the expert team of The Prayas India mentors and teachers will help you sail through the entire General Studies syllabus from the perspective of both Prelims as well as Mains. 

General Studies is an important and most dynamic component in the entire scheme of Civil Services Examination of Union Public Service Commission. It deals with diverse subject matter that is constantly evolving in tune with new developments. For such dynamic concept of the syllabus The Prayas India Research and Development Team has designed this General Studies Course with upgraded and enriched materials to the rapidly changing needs. Through its unique, step-wise and scientific approach, The Prayas India has near perfected the Civil Services requisites for General Studies. This course gives you the solid object to fill the gap between actual Civil Services Examination and your preparation. 

The Prayas ePathshala Research & Development team has done a meticulous research to design this General Studies Course. Complete focus has been given to the evolving trends, changing subject matter and weightage of different subjects.

Teaching Methodology:

The Prayas India– Exam आसान है!


LEARN: Learning is the first stage of any exam preparation. The Prayas India provides the simplified learning approach. It believes in technology and helps the aspirants for smart preparation.


PRACTICE: “Practice makes a man perfect”. After each and every topic, the aspirants need to practice on Mock Question Papers and Previous Years Papers. The Prayas India helps to understand the Exam Pattern and practice on exam oriented pattern.


ANALYZE: The last and the most important part is giving the test and analysing the performance. The Prayas India provides All India level real time test platform where an aspirant can track themselves with performance and progress.

Why the Prayas ?

We know that you are in search of not just a coaching, but an institution where you get all your learning needs fulfilled. Here, at The Prayas, we mentor you, guide you with the best strategy, and solve all your doubts that will help you achieve your goal.

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We are a team of highly experienced mentors. The Research & Development Team at Prayas continuously works hard for all our students.

Teaching Methodogy

We firmly believe in and follow the three steps of preparation:
1. Learn
2. Practice
3. Test

Study Material

The Prayas study material is extremely comprehensive and very well designed. It is regularly updated by our Research & Development team.

Time Table

It is imperative to be disciplined to crack competitive exams. Our mentors help aspirants in defining their study time table and strategy.

Doubt Clearance

Instant solution of doubts is our USP. We have several dedicated groups and communities to help aspirants get their doubts solved in real time.

Progress Tracker

We provide individual progress tracker to every aspirant. It helps the aspirant complete syllabus in defined time frame and builds confidence.

Foundation Support

We provide special basic lectures to beginners. Easy-to-understand explanation of important concepts helps them build a strong base.

1-on-1 Mentor Connect

We connect one-on-one with students who require support from us in their learning. Mentors are always available & ready for support.

Technology Driven

Ours is a highly technology-driven platform that meets all the learning needs of aspirants. It simplifies their experience and helps them clear examinations with ease.

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