UPSC CSE Classroom Program – Foundation + Target Batch

The Prayas India · August 2, 2021


This course has been designed for those aspirants who are targeting UPSC CSE 2022.


General Study Pre-Cum-Mains Programme:

  • Prayas I: NCERT Foundation Course Std I to XII
  • Prayas II: (GS Main Paper I, II, III, IV + GS Prelims + CSAT + Essay)
  • Prayas III: GS Prelims Test + GS Main Test + Mock Interviews

Course Details

GS Foundation for 2 Years, 3 Years and 5 Years is a great opportunity for aspirants who are doing their graduation. This programme gives sufficient time for the preparation and aspirants feel confident to get into top ranks for UPSC CSE.

The Prayas is going to cover the courses two times comprehensively under this programme.

Revision will also be done 2 times followed by Test Series of Prelims and Mains.

*Optional Subject not included in this course. Need to subscribe separately for your selected Optional Subject.


What is duration of this course and how syllabus will be completed?

This course includes complete syllabus coverage of prelims cum mains, current affairs and test series. Duration of the course will be from starting date of the batch till mains exam.

The duration and plan of completion:

  • Prayas I: GS Main Paper I, II, III, IV + GS Prelims + CSAT + Essay

Syllabus of GS Prelims, CSAT, GS Mains Paper 1,2,3,4 and essay will be covered in approximately 10 Months. We cover one subject at one time or two subjects                    simultaneously with holistic coverage of prelims as well as mains interlinking important national and international issues related to that subject.

  • Prayas II: Target Prelims

Once we cover whole syllabus we will start revision of prelims through our specialized course i.e. “Target Prelims” in which our focus is to revise whole syllabus effectively in prelims point of view in 60 days (GS and Current Affairs).

  • Prayas III: Target Mains

After prelims there will be 150 hrs. Mains updation classes, focus is to cover and revise GS Paper 1,2,3 and 4 as well as essay followed by weekly mock test.

  • Prayas IV: Interview Guidance

We conduct Mock Interviews in All India Level where Professors and Senior Officers are the board members to take the interview.

Why General Study Course?

General Studies is an important and most dynamic component in the entire scheme of Civil Services Examination of Union Public Service Commission. It deals with diverse subject matter that is constantly evolving in tune with new developments. For such dynamic concept of the syllabus The Prayas India Research and development Team has been designed this GS Course with upgraded and enriched materials to the rapidly changing needs. Through its unique, step-wise and scientific approach, The Prayas India has near perfected the Civil Services requisites for General Studies. This course is not only give you the solid object to fill the gap between actual Civil Services Examination and your preparation but also make you stand Ranked across India through meticulously designed and well analyzed Prelims Test Series with compatible Mains evaluation.

How was this course designed?

The Prayas ePathshala Research & Development team has done meticulous research to design this GS PCM Course. We have taken care previous year’s papers subject wise weightage, weightage of different topics of a subject, current affairs and relevant contemporary news and events.

How am I going to complete the syllabus?

The Prayas Team has divided the complete preparation into different phases.

  • Phase-1 (8-10 Months): GS-I, II, III, IV + Prelims + Topic Wise Pre & MainsQuestions Practices + Topic Wise Tests + Topic Wise Mains Answer Writing+ CurrentAffairs + Previous Years Papers
  • Phase-2 (3 Months): Prelims Test Series +CSAT+ Revisions Only + 1 Yr. C.A
  • Phase-3 (2-3 Months): Mains Test Series + C.A
  • Phase-4: Interview Mocks

What is the learning model of The Prayas India?

LEARN: Learning is the first stage of any exam preparation. The Prayas India provides the simplified

learning approach. It believes in technology and helps the aspirants for smart preparation.

PRACTICE: “Practice makes a man perfect”. After each and every topic, the aspirants need to practice on Mock Question Papers and Previous Years Papers. The Prayas India helps to understand the Exam Pattern and practice on exam oriented pattern.

ANALYZE: The last and the most important part is giving the test and analyse the performance. The Prayas India provides All India level real time test platform where an aspirant can track themselves with performance and progress.


Faculty Details

Module Subject Faculty
Art & Culture Rashi Madam
Ancient and Medieval Rashi Madam / Shri B. Ram Sir
Modern History Shri Vishal Sir
World History Shri Vishal Sir
Post Independence Consolidation  Shri B. Ram Sir
Indian Society  Shri Vishal Sir
India & World Geography  Shri Amresh Sir
Polity & Constitution Shri S. M Jha Sir / Shri Ankush Sir
Governance Shri Ankush Sir
Social Justice Shri Ankush Sir
IR Shri S. M Jha Sir
Indian Economy Shri Prateek Sir
Agriculture  Md. Azam Sir
Environment  Md. Azam Sir
Science & Tech  Md. Azam Sir
Security  Md. Azam Sir
Disaster Management Md. Azam Sir
GS-IV Ethics,Integrity & Aptitude Shri Hrishikesh Sir
  Ethics Case Study Dr. Geet S. Thakkar Madam / Shri Amresh Sir
Essay Essay Writing Dr. Geet S. Thakkar Madam
Current Affairs
Current Affairs-I
Md. Azam Sir, Miss Rukhsar Madam
Current Affairs-II
Shri SM Jha Sir


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Fee Structure


UPSC CSE 2 Yrs Program

Target + Foundation
139999 GS + CSAT
  • Offline Classroom Lecture
  • Complementary Live Lectures
  • Recorded Lectures Available
  • Hardcopy Study Materials
  • Doubt Solving
  • Leader Board & Forum

UPSC CSE 3 Yrs Program

Target + Foundation
179999 GS + CSAT
  • Offline Classroom Lecture
  • Complementary Live Lectures
  • Recorded Lectures Available
  • Hardcopy Study Materials
  • Doubt Solving
  • Leader Board & Forum

UPSC CSE 5 Yrs Program

Target + Foundation
239999 GS + CSAT
  • Offline Classroom Lecture
  • Complementary Live Lectures
  • Recorded Lectures Available
  • Hardcopy Study Materials
  • Doubt Solving
  • Leader Board & Forum

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