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The Prayas Scholarship Test

Scholarship Taken

How to Take the Test?

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Percentage Marks Scored in the Test Additional Discount Offered
Online Courses Classroom Courses
30% – 49.99% 20% 10%
50% – 74.99% 25% 12.5%
75% – 89.99% 30% 15%
90% – 94.99% 40% 20%
95% – 98.99% 50% 25%
99% – 100% 70% 35%

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Who should take The Prayas Scholarship Test and Why?

Between those who clear various competitive exams and those who don’t, the difference is not that of ability or efforts. The only minute difference is that of putting effort in the “right direction”.

We at The Prayas India steer our students in this right direction by providing necessary guidance and mentoring based on detailed R&D.

The Prayas Scholarship Test enables every student to identify their strong and not-so-strong areas. This helps the students in designing their “individual” preparation strategy.

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