MPSC Syllabus 2022 (Pre & Mains) with Exam Pattern & Syllabus PDF

MPSC Syllabus 2022 (Pre & Mains) with Exam Pattern & Syllabus PDF

MPSC Syllabus: The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) has published the MPSC Syllabus on its official website. A candidate must be familiar with the MPSC syllabus for the Preliminary and Main Exam in order to outperform the competition and improve their chances of being chosen. Each candidate must be properly informed about the exam’s subject matter. We will give you information on the MPSC syllabus, MPSC Exam Pattern (Pre & Mains), and PDF in this page. We have also responded to frequently asked queries from candidates regarding the MPSC syllabus. So let’s start.


Every year, the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) holds a state services examination known as the MPSC Rajyaseva exam. The Maharashtra constitutional body is in charge of organising this. This group makes an effort to choose the qualified applicants for the various positions in governmental bodies. The MPSC exam consists of three phases, including

  • Prelims
  • Main
  • Interview

To proceed to the next round, applicants must successfully complete each stage according to their merit. If candidates pass the prelims tests, than they are eligible to sit for the main exams. They will qualify for the last level, which is an interview for the MPSC Exam, after passing all of the stages. Click here. This link will take you to further details on the MPSC test. Here, you can get free webinars, demo lectures, free counselling, and much more.

MPSC Pre Syllabus


  • The MPSC Prelims Exam will consist of Paper I and Paper II.
  • There will be two objective-type papers.
  • Each of Papers I and II would take two hours to complete.
  • Each will get a total of 200 marks.
  • For each incorrect response, candidates will lose one-fourth of a mark. Before, each incorrect response resulted in a loss of one-third of a mark for the candidates. Below is a brief summary of the MPSC prelims exam:
General Studies  Paper I (Compulsory) 100 200 2 hrs
CSAT Paper II (Compulsory) 80 200 2 hrs


The first phase of the state service exam is the MPSC Prelims. Candidates must succeed in the Preliminary stage in order to be selected for the Main stage. The test is conducted for two papers and is objective in nature. The following is the MPSC Prelims syllabus:

Paper- I

Current events of relevance on a country, a state, or the world.

Indian National Movement history, with emphasis on Maharashtra.

Physical, Economic, Social, Geography of Maharashtra, India, and the World

Maharashtra & India – Polity & Governance – Constitution, Political System, Urban Governance, Public Policy, Panchayati Raj, Rights Issue, etc. 

Economic and social development – poverty, inclusion, demographics, social initiatives, etc.

To comprehend general issues in environmental ecology,climate change, and biodiversity, subject specialisation is not required.

General Science

Paper- II


Communication skills are among the interpersonal abilities.

Analytical thinking and logical thinking

Problem-solving and decision-making

Ability to think broadly

Basic numeracy (numbers and relationships between them, magnitudes, etc) (Class X level), Interpretation of Data (charts, tables, graphs, data sufficiency, etc. – Class X level)

(Class X/XII level) Marathi and English language comprehension skills.

The MPSC pre syllabus and exam pattern were covered above. Let’s discuss the MPSC Mains Exam Pattern, Syllabus, and PDF now.

MPSC Mains Syllabus

There are a total of 6 papers in the MPSC Rajyaseva main exam. Language papers are Papers I and II. Papers III, IV, V, & VI are (GS) General Studies.  Questions on Paper I are descriptive. The last 5 papers are all objective (MCQs). It’s vital to keep in mind that there is no optional paper for this exam according to the MPSC Syllabus. Additionally, the objective papers will be marked using a negative marking scheme. The table below contains information on the MPSC Mains Exam Pattern:

Paper 1 English & Marathi  100 3 hrs
Paper 2 English & Marathi 100 1 hrs
Paper 3 GS- I 150 2 hrs
Paper 4 GS- II 150 2 hrs
Paper 5 GS- III 150 2 hrs
Paper 6 GS- IV 150 2hrs


Six different papers make up the MPSC mains exam. Language is the subject of Papers I and II. Papers III, IV, V, and VI, however, are General Studies. Descriptive questions are on Paper I. Marathi and English Language is the subject of MPSC Paper 1. The only paper that uses descriptions is this one. The other 5 papers are all objective-based. The objective question papers for MPSC Mains include negative marking. Check out the chart below for the MPSC’s mains exam syllabus.

English & Marathi Translation, Precis, and Essay.
English & Marathi Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension 
GS-I History & Geography


India’s modern history, History with a focus on Maharashtra, the establishment of British rule in India, the emergence and development of nationalism in India, socio-economic awareness, socio-cultural diversity, etc.

Geography and Agriculture

Physical geography, economic geography, environmental geography, and more for the state of Maharashtra.

GS-II Indian politics, Constitution &Law Constitution of India.
State government and administration.
Local government at the urban and rural levels.
governmental structure.
District Management.
Public Sector.
Social legislation and social welfare.
System of education.
Pressure groups and parties.
Election Process, Media, etc.
GS- III Human rights & Development

Human rights—

the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, youth and child development, disability welfare, tribal development, regional and international organisations, etc.

Human Resource Development—

Vocational Training, Education, Rural Development, and Health for Indians, Labour welfare, values & ethics etc.

GS- IV Economy & Planning

Economic and planning-related issues include rural and urban infrastructure development, cooperation, India’s economy, industry, economic reforms, international trade, international capital movements, measurement and poverty estimation, agriculture, food, and nutrition, the economy of Maharashtra, and employment-related issues, etc.

Science and technology advancements include those in the areas of energy (both renewable and non-renewable sources), disaster management, computers and information technology, biotechnology, space technology, and Indian nuclear policy, among others.

The following are some quick tips for MPSC preparation: Regularly take mock exams and question papers from the previous year to analyse the difficulty of the test. For quick revisions, use quick notes or bullet points. If the exam is in 20 days or less, avoid starting a new topic in the MPSC Syllabus.

Candidates are invited to the “Interview” Round if they pass the MPSC Mains Exam. A Board of Examiners is chosen by the MPSC to interview applicants. once you successfully complete the interview phase Following that, the candidates will be invited for the round of document verification. The candidates who make the short list will be posted to one of MPSC’s branches or offices throughout Maharashtra following the document verification procedure.

MPSC syllabus


In conclusion, we have covered the MPSC Pre & Mains syllabus, MPSC exam pattern, and other topics in this article. The MPSC Syllabus PDF is available for download here. Additionally, you need to write up notes on difficult subjects. Pay close attention to the MPSC Exam Pattern as well. So, only study in accordance with the pattern. For the most recent exam notifications and updates, don’t forget to check the official MPSC website.


Can I pass the MPSC (Maharashtra public service commission) on my first try?

Yes, A year of rigorous preparation is more than enough for a serious applicant who wants to pass the MPSC State Services Examination in the first attempt alone. However, you need excellent direction all year long to maintain the pace of your preparation.

How long should I spend studying each day?

For MPSC preparation, 6 to 8 hours per day are sufficient. Add brief breaks, though, within your lengthy study plans. This will enable you to maintain attention even under pressure. Study group where you may talk about MPSC topics and your queries.

What is the 2022 MPSC Syllabus?

The most recent MPSC Syllabus for the prelims and mains exam has been made available by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission. The Commission broadly divides the curriculum into prelims and mains. While the MPSC mains syllabus is broken up into six papers, the MPSC prelims syllabus only comprises two papers. Details are available to candidates in this article.

Are there any optional subjects in the MPSC mains exam syllabus?

The MPSC mains syllabus does not include any optional subjects. There are just 6 papers in the main test. The first two are language papers (both subjective and objective), and the final four are general studies papers of the objective variety. Maharashtra is the primary topic of questions in all exams.


In conclusion, candidates may find out all the information they need about the MPSC pre syllabus, MPSC mains syllabus, MPSC exam Pattern, and other things by reading this post. In the conclusion section , you can also download the MPSC syllabus in PDF format. For the mains, the pre serves as a requirement. However, the mains serves as a requirement for the interview. Finally, you will be chosen if you pass all three levels. You can get in touch with us if you need help with your preparation. Good luck!!!

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