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Reshma DasCLAT UG Program99.25/150
Narem MishtriCLAT UG Program99.00/150
Sonal SharmaCLAT UG Program97.75/150
Teena ShettyCLAT UG Program97.75/150
Suresh PCLAT UG Program96.00/150
Shivam GuptaCLAT UG Program94.75/150
Ganesh PanchalCLAT UG Program90.25/150
Nita DeshmukhCLAT UG Program90.00/150
Roopa MalhotraCLAT UG Program90.00/150
Rohan ShindeCLAT UG Program89.50/150
AayushiCLAT UG Program89.00/150
Ayesha ShaikhCLAT UG Program87.75/150
Shivam NarayanCLAT UG Program87.75/150
Rati YadavCLAT UG Program87.00/150
Rohan GaurCLAT UG Program87.00/150
Ramesh SinghCLAT UG Program87.00/150
Sneha ShriCLAT UG Program85.50/150
Sunil HembramCLAT UG Program85.25/150
Soham ShahCLAT UG Program82.00/150
Ajay YadavCLAT PG Program61.75/120
Aakash SenCLAT PG Program61.00/120
Gauri BhattCLAT PG Program61.00/120
Pushpa GuptaCLAT PG Program60.50/120
Tina GautamCLAT PG Program58.25/120
Nisha MehtaCLAT PG Program58.00/120
Ram PraveshCLAT PG Program58.00/120
Rahul SinghCLAT PG Program54.25/120
Ravi PatilCLAT PG Program54.00/120
Rishu RajCLAT PG Program51.75/120
Ajay GuptaCLAT PG Program50.75/120
Ashish ShankarCLAT PG Program50.25/120
Bhola KumarCLAT PG Program50.25/120
Harish YadavCLAT PG Program49.75/120
Rishabh SinghCLAT PG Program49.00/120
Pallavi JainCLAT PG Program48.75/120
Pranav PurohitCLAT PG Program48.75/120
Tiya RaniCLAT PG Program48.75/120
Nisha KumariCLAT PG Program48.00/120
Aman KumarMH CET UG Program120/150
IRA SrivastavaMH CET UG Program120/150
Pragya RushkarMH CET UG Program117/150
Anushka AjayMH CET UG Program116/150
Ritika KediaMH CET UG Program116/150
Tanvi MehtaMH CET UG Program114/150
Shreyash RajMH CET UG Program112/150
ArushiMH CET UG Program112/150
Sagar PriyadarshiMH CET UG Program112/150
Vivek KumarMH CET UG Program110/150
Sakshi KumariMH CET UG Program110/150
Ashi JainMH CET UG Program106/150
Vishal ChouhanMH CET UG Program99/150
Madhav KumarMH CET UG Program98/150
Ashi JainMH CET UG Program97/150
Sneha Pravin PatilMH CET UG Program97/150
Aman RajMH CET UG Program92/150
Parth GuptaMH CET UG Program92/150
Jiya Hemant GuptaMH CET PG Program112/150
Anushka GangulyMH CET PG Program98/150
Mohamed Farooque MemonMH CET PG Program97/150
Milind Kumar VedMH CET PG Program97/150
Khushi Rajesh JainMH CET PG Program95/150
Uday Randhir SharmaMH CET PG Program94/150
Yamini ChauhanMH CET PG Program94/150
ShubhamMH CET PG Program93/150
Tanushka SaxenaMH CET PG Program93/150
Aakanksha YadavMH CET PG Program93/150
Sara GargMH CET PG Program92/150
Sayali Gulab PatilMH CET PG Program89/150
Reshma Vittal ShettyMH CET PG Program88/150
Sanya NarulaMH CET PG Program88/150
Mansi SinghMH CET PG Program85/150
Adiri Sharavan SonarMH CET PG Program83/150
  …Many More

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