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Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper 2021 | Biography, Age, Marksheet, Study Plan

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Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper 2021: UPSC, as we all know, is a challenging exam that only a select few students are able to pass. This year’s topper’s list included 54 applicants, with Shruti Sharma’s name at the top. You will find all the information on Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper on this article page. Shruti Sharma’s biography, age, education, marksheet, study plan, the top five topper names on the UPSC result, and so on. Everyone is now searching the internet to find out who Shruti Sharma is and who is the topper of the UPSC exam in 2021. So, Let’s find out.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper: Biography, Age & Education Background

Shruti Sharma Biography: Shruti Sharma has been named the topper of the UPSC CSE Examination 2021 in India. . Let us now discuss Shruti Sharma’s biography, age, and education.

Shruti Sharma Age: A 26-year-old woman took the exam alongside thousands of other students and came in the first place. Shruti Sharma was born on January 1, 1996. She was born in Bijnore and finished her education in Delhi, India. Shruti passed the IAS Examination on her second attempt. After that, she studied for the civil service exam at Jamia Millia Islamia’s residential Coaching Academy. She is currently residing in Delhi, India.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper family consists of her parents, brother, and grandmother, all of whom pursued science, whereas Shruti herself chose the arts. Shruti’s family wished for her to become an IAS officer. Therefore she fulfilled their wishes. Her great-grandfather was a Vaidya, and her grandfather was a doctor, she added. Sunil Dutt Sharma, Shruti’s father, is an architect-engineer who manages a private school in town. Shruti’s mother holds a master’s degree, while her brother is a cricketer who represents Uttar Pradesh’s Under 25 team.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper, Along with studies, has a variety of other interests. Shruti enjoys learning new things. She is also interested in art & enjoys reading about art and culture. In addition, Shruti stated in an interview on the social platform that she is very interested in cinema. She enjoys learning about and watching new movies.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper

Educational Background

  • Shruti went to Cambridge Primary School in Delhi from kindergarten to fifth grade, after which she transferred to Sardar Patel Vidyalaya in Delhi for her secondary schooling.
  • Shruti graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University and St. Stephens College.
  • She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Modern History and was a History Honors student.
  • Jamia Millia Islamia Residential Coaching Academy helped her study for the UPSC Civil Services test.

Now that we know the Shruti Sharma Biography, Shruti Sharma age & education. Let’s look into Shruti Sharma’s study plan and other information. Prior to this, we have UPSC Essay Writing Strategies, so don’t forget to click the link.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper: MarkSheet

The main exam is valued at 1750 points and is administered by UPSC. The UPSC CSE Written Exam Main has 9 papers, but only the results of the first seven are used to determine the final merit ranking. Each of the seven papers carries a score of 250 points. In addition, the candidate must acquire the minimum qualifying marks set by UPSC for the remaining two CSAT examinations each year. The interview portion of the UPSC exam is worth a total of 275 points.

Shruti Sharma, the All India Rank 1 candidate, scored 1105 out of a possible 2075 points in the Civil Services (Main) Examination 2021, with 932 points in the written exam and 173 points in the Personality Test, often known as the common interview. Shruti Sharma, who came in 1st place, received 1105 points out of 2025, which is 54.56 percent.

This is how you should check your results:

Step 1: To check UPSC scores, candidates who passed the exam may go to

Step 2: Find the “Scores of Recommended Candidates” link on the homepage.

Step 3: A PDF of the results will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Review and download the same.

Step 5: Candidates should print it for future reference.

Shruti Sharma MarkSheet

Essay 132
GS– I 119
GS– II 128
GS– III 108
GS– IV 139
Optional– I 150
Optional– II 156
Written Total 932
Personality Test 173

UPSC Exam Top 5 Toppers List 2021

The names of the top 5 UPSC exam toppers, as well as their total marks, are listed here.

  1. Shruti Sharma– 1105
  2. Ankita Agarwal – 1050
  3. Gamini Singla – 1045
  4. Aishwarya Varma – 1039
  5. Utkarsh Dwivedi – 1036

The UPSC has recommended a total of 685 applicants for the next batch of IAS officials, IFS officers, and other government positions.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper

UPSC Topper Shruti Sharma Study Plan

  • Shruti Sharma study plan was as follows: Shruti only failed once, but she learned from her mistakes and reappeared harder in her second attempt, achieving AIR 1 in UPSC 2021. She stated that she felt confident in her ability to pass the exam, but she was surprised when she learned that she had topped it.
  • Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper, In the Civil Service Main (written) exam, she had chosen History as an optional subject. She is a history graduate with a keen interest in the subject.
  • Candidates should keep their study materials to a minimum and set short-term goals. Instead of setting time-based goals, she proposed setting content-based goals.
  • She claims that study hours are unimportant in the IAS preparation process; what matters is the study’s product. She emphasized how important it is to take breaks in order to maintain one’s equilibrium. After her studies, she would take a rest.
  • Shruti Sharma’s study plan, She began her UPSC preparation four years ago, beginning with NCERTs.
  • Because current affairs are possibly the most significant component of the IAS exam, Shruti supplemented her preparation with frequent newspaper readings to keep up with what’s going on in the country and throughout the world.
  • She completed just a few online test series to help her prepare for the actual tests.
  • She used to make notes on the topics covered in the syllabus, orienting them to the questions from the previous year. She prepared current affairs notes from newspapers and improved them on a daily basis.
  • She was heavily dependent on the internet, and her primary focus was on response writing practice for the Mains exam.
  • She said that the key to success in the IAS exam is consistency.
  • She would get up early since she found it easier to study in the morning. However, she stated that everyone has a preference and that it makes no difference whether someone studies in the morning or evening. She did, however, propose that there be a set timeline for daily preparation that includes all of the necessary aspects.
  • Her success motto was to be patient during the preparation process.

Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper

UPSC Exam Preparation Quick Tips

Make a plan to pass the IAS exam 2022 as soon as possible. The IAS exam will take at least a year to prepare for. Make a study schedule and start with the basics, such as the NCERTs. Make it a habit to read the newspaper every day as well.

UPSC Current affairs are the essential component of your IAS exam preparation. As a result, keep a careful eye on what’s going on in the country and throughout the globe.

A lot of reading can help you improve your writing. Sure, you’ll have to read a lot for IAS prep, but the next time you pick up a newspaper or magazine, pay attention to how the information is written.

It’s important to remember that quality beats quantity.

The earlier you begin, the higher your chances of succeeding on the exam. Look for the best books, watch video lessons, read previous year’s papers, practice writing, and maintain a high confidence level.

Conclusion– Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper

We discussed Shruti Sharma, the UPSC topper, in this article. Here you will discover answers to questions such as who Shruti Sharma is, her biography, age, Shruti Sharma’s MarkSheet, Shruti Sharma’s study plan, and so on. So take your time reading this post, and don’t forget to visit our website for more information on competitive exams. In this year’s UPSC examination, which is extremely difficult to pass, the majority of the top scorers are female. So we congratulate all of the UPSC top-ranking candidates.

FAQ– Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What was Shruti Sharma’s UPSC score?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] 1105 points Shruti Sharma received 932 points in the written exam and 173 points in the interview stage, totaling 1,105 points in the UPSC CSE exams this year. [/sc_fs_faq] [sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is UPSC Topper Shruti Sharma’s age? ” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Shruti Sharma is a 26-year-old, who was born in 1996 and she enjoys learning new things. [/sc_fs_faq] [sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is Shruti Sharma’s rank in the UPSC? ” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Shruti Sharma got 54.56 percent in the civil services examination 2021, while Ankita Agarwal received 51.85 percent in the coveted test administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to select the country’s civil employees. [/sc_fs_faq]

Editor’s Note | Shruti Sharma UPSC Topper

Success does not come overnight; it takes days, months, and even years to achieve. As a result, never believe that the exam will be completed in a few days and that you will have sufficient time to study. Passing tests like the IAS & UPSC requires a high level of self-assurance. Finally, we went over Shruti Sharma’s biography, age, MarkSheet, study plan, and other details. Shruti Sharma, UPSC Topper 2021, has achieved AIR 1 as a result of her hard work and perseverance. Her story should serve as motivation to anyone who has failed this exam. So put forth the effort and never give up— Finally, Best wishes.


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