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UPSC Optional Subjects – List of Subject Paper and Syllabus

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UPSC Optional Subject List
UPSC Optional Subjects - List of Subject Paper and Syllabus 4


UPSC Optional Subjects

UPSC is a national rumored organization. It is dependable for conducting Civil Administrations Exams. In any case, CSE could be a national level Exam. It is conducted in 3 stages. Be that as it may, the primary stage is Prelims Exam. It is the screening arrange in UPSC CSE. However, Mains is the second stage in UPSC. However, we will cover UPSC Optional Subject List, UPSC Optional Syllabus, UPSC Optional Paper, UPSC Optional Subject Syllabus in the article. UPSC Optional Subjects Best IAS Online Coaching | Top IAS Online Coaching


The UPSC Discretionary Subject list comprises of 48 subjects, out of which one can be chosen by the candidate for both the papers. UPSC Optional Subjects. Each discretionary subject comprises of two papers (Paper I and Paper II) each of 250 marks, making it a add up to of 500 marks The syllabus of the discretionary papers is at the respects degree level, which is higher than an undergrad degree level but lower than a experts degree level. Candidates can too take writing subjects as an discretionary paper. Your choice of optionals can considerably impact your chances of victory in UPSC 2021. UPSC Optional Subjects

Criteria to choose the best UPSC Coaching

UPSC Mains Subjects
UPSC Optional Subjects - List of Subject Paper and Syllabus 5

  • Past Year Results: The most important model for choosing the Top Online IAS Coaching Institutes is the previous outcomes. However, Past Year Results show how great the coaching is. Consistently, The students of The Prayas India are sparkling in the UPSC exam. We are glad to say that under the direction of our astounding educator, the aspirants accomplish their objectives.
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Why The Prayas India is the best UPSC Coaching?

  1. Singular Attention: We accept that each understudy needs close-to-home consideration for a better understanding. Subsequently, our guides center around each student and help them. Join the Best UPSC Coaching Institutes.
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  5. Mock Tests: The Prayas India directs weekly mock tests for aspirants. Moreover, it is the Best UPSC Coaching Institutes. Nonetheless, these counterfeit tests permit the aspirants to check their improvement and ranks.

About The Prayas India

The Prayas India is the Top Online IAS Coaching. We have the most ideal facilities for all the UPSC competitors out there. Most Importantly, We have the best educators. The educators plan the best instructing strategies. Nonetheless, we likewise give the best offices to our students. The Prayas India is perhaps the best in Coaching. In addition, our results are evidence that we’re teaching the aspirants well. Top IAS Coaching Institutes. Now check out What are the fees for Online IAS Coaching?

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The Prayas India – Top Online UPSC Coaching Fee Structure is


Fee(incl. 18% GST)INR

Offer Fee(Valid on One Time Payment)INR

Online Coaching

UPSC 1 Year (Target Batch) 59999 42000
UPSC 2 Years (Foundation + Target Batch) 87499 61250
UPSC 3 Years (Foundation + Target Batch) 112499 78750
UPSC 5 Years (Foundation + Target Batch) 149999 105000
UPSC Mains Answer Writing (1 Year Program) 22700 15890
UPSC CSE Test Series Prelims 2021 5700 3990

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UPSC Optional Subjects


The UPSC Fundamental Examination comprises of 2 Qualifying papers and 7 justify positioning papers recorded below:


Qualifying Papers English Any One Indian Dialect from the Eighth Plan of The Structure of India Merit Positioning Papers UPSC Essay. UPSC Optional Subjects. However, General Considers Paper I. Although, General Considers Paper II. Also, General Considers Paper III. Moreover, General Thinks about Paper IV Optional Paper I Optional Paper II. UPSC Optional Subjects


UPSC Optional Syllabus


From the UPSC Discretionary Subjects list, a few subjects are more well known than others. The taking after table appears the number of candidates who showed up for UPSC Fundamental Exam selecting a specific discretionary subject. The Discretionary Subject’s notoriety depends upon a number of components like accessibility of quality consider fabric, Exam syllabus of the subject, Coaching offices for the subject, Scoring plausibility, etc. However, UPSC Optional Subject Syllabus are covered.


Choose UPSC Optional Subjects


To begin with, see through the list of all the Discretionary Subjects. Examined the list numerous times. Now think around your most favorite subjects in your school and college days. Think approximately each subject in which you beat desires, in which subject you conferred more intrigued, in which subject you got amazing marks. Now at show, think which portion of news you’re more included in. UPSC Optional Subjects. Consider which subjects of GS you lean toward more. A few incline toward history, a few lean toward polity/sociology and continue perusing those books as in spite of the fact that they are doing aces in these themes. Waitlist them as your Discretionary subject. Some individuals moreover have a leisure activity of perusing the writing of their mother language. However, UPSC Optional Subjects is covered. The UPSC Optional Syllabus is mentioned. However, UPSC Optional Subject Syllabus.


Check the UPSC Optional Subject List


UPSC Optional Syllabus
UPSC Optional Subjects - List of Subject Paper and Syllabus 6


As per patterns, the taking after subjects have been performing well for the past a long time. But, it isn’t a parameter to assist you select your discretionary subject. UPSC Optional Subjects. It is just information on how numerous understudies want the subject and how numerous clear the exam based on these subjects. The victory rate depends on how locked in the understudies are with their subjects, the syllabus as well as the accessibility of books for that specific subject. UPSC Optional Paper


So, you’ll be able keep an eye on the victory proportion but don’t make a choice exclusively on the premise of these truths. However, UPSC Optional Subject Syllabus is covered. They may alter tomorrow if candidates begin choosing exceptionally distinctive subjects and perform truly well. Too, on the off chance that you need to select a subject merely haven’t examined in your life, you might require a coaching established for the same. However, UPSC Optional Subjects are important. UPSC Optional Paper


Science – UPSC Optional Subjects


  • Firstly, Agriculture
  • Secondly, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  • Thirdly, Botany
  • Anthropology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Medical Science
  • Physics
  • Zoology


Frequently Asked Questions – Best UPSC Online Coaching

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”Q. What are the requirements to attend the online classes Best Online IAS Coaching?” answer-0=”Ans. Generally, online private classes bear specific software similar to Skype, or Zoom. To pierce this service you need to download and register which is occasionally annoying. Either, you do not have the right tools for a proper assignment and it’s relatively tedious when it comes to participating documents.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”Q. Which is the Top Online IAS Coaching Institutes?” answer-1=”Ans. The Prayas India is Top Online UPSC Coaching Center.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Q. How many Students will be there in live classes The Prayas India Best UPSC Online Coaching??” answer-2=”Ans. Best Online IAS Coaching. In The Prayas India many Students are join live Classes.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


All About UPSC CSE Exam Preparation

Exam Notification

UPSC CSE Calendar 2024

  • Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2024 & Indian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination, 2024 through CS(P) Examination 2023 26 May 2024

Download UPSC CSE Notification 2024: Click here

Exam Pattern

UPSC Syllabus

UPSC Prelims Syllabus

UPSC Mains Syllabus

Previous Papers

YearPrelims-GSPrelims-CSATMains-GS 1Mains-GS 2Mains-GS 3Mains-GS 4Mains-EssayMains-EnglishMains-Hindi

Prelims Previous Years Papers – Subject & Year Wise

PRE SUBJECT201820172016201520142013
Science & Technology201820172016201520142013
Modern India201820172016201520142013
Medieval India201820172016201520142013

Mains Previous Years Papers – Subject & Year Wise

MAINS SUBEJECT201820172016201520142013
Internal Security201820172016201520142013
Ethics – I201820172016201520142013
Ethics – II (Case Studies)201820172016201520142013
Environment and Ecology201820172016201520142013
Disaster Management201820172016201520142013
Ancient History and Art & Culture201820172016201520142013
Agriculture201820172016No Question20142013
Indian Society2018201720162015 20142013

Cut Off Marks

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Teaching Methodology:

The Prayas India- Exam आसान है!

LEARN: Learning is the first stage of any exam preparation. The Prayas India provides the simplified learning approach. It believes in technology and helps the aspirants for smart preparation.
PRACTICE: “Practice makes a man perfect”. After each and every topic, the aspirants need to practice on Mock Question Papers and Previous Years Papers. The Prayas India helps to understand the Exam Pattern and practice on exam oriented pattern.
ANALYZE: The last and the most important part is giving the test and analysing the performance. The Prayas India provides All India level real time test platform where an aspirant can track themselves with performance and progress.

Why the Prayas ?

We know that you are in search of not just a coaching, but an institution where you get all your learning needs fulfilled. Here, at The Prayas, we mentor you, guide you with the best strategy, and solve all your doubts that will help you achieve your goal.

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We are a team of highly experienced mentors. The Research & Development Team at Prayas continuously works hard for all our students.

Teaching Methodogy

We firmly believe in and follow the three steps of preparation:
1. Learn
2. Practice
3. Test

Study Material

The Prayas study material is extremely comprehensive and very well designed. It is regularly updated by our Research & Development team.

Time Table

It is imperative to be disciplined to crack competitive exams. Our mentors help aspirants in defining their study time table and strategy.

Doubt Clearance

Instant solution of doubts is our USP. We have several dedicated groups and communities to help aspirants get their doubts solved in real time.

Progress Tracker

We provide individual progress tracker to every aspirant. It helps the aspirant complete syllabus in defined time frame and builds confidence.

Foundation Support

We provide special basic lectures to beginners. Easy-to-understand explanation of important concepts helps them build a strong base.

1-on-1 Mentor Connect

We connect one-on-one with students who require support from us in their learning. Mentors are always available & ready for support.

Technology Driven

Ours is a highly technology-driven platform that meets all the learning needs of aspirants. It simplifies their experience and helps them clear examinations with ease.

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Ready to Crack UPSC CSE ?

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