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The Prayas India UPSC CSE Current Affairs Preparation.

IAS Free Exam Preparation with The Prayas India. Here you will get Weekly Current Affairs analysed and researched from various News Papers (The Hindu, Indian Express etc.), Govt Websites, Magazines and other sources.

Weekly Current Affairs Download

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COMPLETE Special Issues
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JULY 2021 WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JULY 2021 WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JULY 2021 WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JULY 2021 WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUNE 2021 WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUNE 2021 WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUNE 2021 WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUNE 2021 - WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial issues
MAY 2021 - WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAY 2021-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAY 2021-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAY 2021-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
APR 2021-WEEK VNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
APR 2021-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
APR 2021-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
APR 2021-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
APR 2021-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAR 2021-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAR 2021-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAR 2021-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAR 2021-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2021-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2021-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2021-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2021-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issue
JAN 2021-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2021-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2021-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2021-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2020-WEEK-VNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2020-WEEK-VNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
SEPT 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
SEPT 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
SEPT 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
SEPT 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
AUG 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
AUG 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
AUG 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
AUG 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUL 2020-WEEK-VNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUL 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUL 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUL 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUL 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUN 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUN 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUN 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JUN 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAY 2020-WEEK-IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAY 2020-WEEK-IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAY 2020-WEEK-IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
MAY 2020-WEEK-INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
APR 2020-WEEK VNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
APR 2020-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2020-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2020-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2020-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
FEB 2020-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2020-WEEK VNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2020-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2020-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2020-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
JAN 2020-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2019-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2019-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2019-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
DEC 2019-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2019-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2019-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2019-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
NOV 2019-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2019-WEEK VNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2019-WEEK IVNews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2019-WEEK IIINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2019-WEEK IINews ArticlesSpecial Issues
OCT 2019-WEEK INews ArticlesSpecial Issues
SEPT 2019-WEEK IVNews Articles
Special Issues

IAS Free Exam Preparation: Anyone planning to opt for government exams like UPSC, SSC, Bank, or any government examination must not miss on focussing on current affairs. The Prayas India is a leading coaching institute in preparation for Government exams. Therefore, we have come with an initiate “IAS Free Exam Preparation. Not only we cover all the subjects related to these exams but also we have plenty of resources on current affairs.

We make current affairs available in as Weekly News Articles and Special Issues. We also have The Prayas India monthly magazine which accumulates all the month’s happenings in one place. Of course, we even have Yojana and Kurukshetra every month. All these are part of our IAS Exam Free Preparation as we want to cater to education to everyone.


Why read current affairs?

Current affairs stand as an important part of most of the government exams. To name a few UPSC or IAS Exam, SSC, Bank, Railway and more. Specifically in UPSC, we have current affairs questions at every stage of the exam. That is prelims, mains, and some of them are even asked in interviews. If one is aiming to clear what is believed to be one of the most difficult examinations then one must know current affairs thoroughly. Also, that’s exactly what we aspire to under IAS Free Exam Preparation.


IAS Free Exam Preparation suggested Current Affairs Resources


  • The Hindu Newspaper
  • The New York Times
  • MINT
  • Harvard Business Review
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Economist
  • Financial Times
  • The New Yorker
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • The Philosopher’s Beard
  • Sophia Project
  • Philosophy Hub
  • The Culture Vulture


Tips to prepare for UPSC current affairs?


  • Check the syllabus for the respective exam. This helps in understanding the important topics.
  • Don’t overdo it with resources. Current affairs are vast, so choose resources wisely.
  • Keeping it for the end is not advisable. Learn every day something about current affairs.
  • Also, online is a hub for resources for current affairs preparations. Take tests and quizzes, it helps in knowing the strong and difficult areas of one’s preparation.
  • Of course, one must keep revising from time-to-time. So that we can retain maximum information during exams.


Master current affairs for UPSC, IAS, and other competitive exams with The Prayas India

We keep our website updated with every important incident occurring around the globe. Also, the same you can access from our website. Our current affairs are prepared by the experts in the respective fields. Moreover, We have weekly lectures taken by our current affairs mentors. The happenings are discussed in detail in this session. Furthermore, we have plenty of quizzes and practice tests available for free as IAS Free Exam Preparation. The Prayas India is known for his current affairs materials and teaching.




Which is best for UPSC current affairs?

The best for current affairs is the combination of both. the daily newspapers and other credible resources. In Newspapers, one can read both national and global newspapers namely The Hindu Newspaper, The New York Times, MINT, etc. Also, other resources would be magazine-like Yojana & Kurukshetra, The Prayas India Monthly Magazine, Weekly News Articles, and Special Issues.


How many days IAS current affairs?

To prepare for Current Affairs that is a vital subject in IAS Exam, one needs months to prepare. One should start preparing this for at least a year or so depending on everyone’s grasping speed. Students often neglect current affairs over other subjects. However, it would be a big mistake if one does so. Current affairs preparation should also happen simultaneously as we prepare for other subjects.


Is 1-year current affairs enough for UPSC?

It is a subjective question. But even for a brilliant mind, as early the preparation starts, the better it is. One must make sure to learn about all the subjects that are often asked in UPSC Exams. Be it History, geography, happenings in the nation or around the globe. As in the exam, any topic or question is likely to be asked. Therefore, 360 preparation is suggestable.


How can I cover my current affairs?

Following tips might come handy while preparing for IAS Current affairs or UPSC current affairs:


  • One daily business newspaper like Mint, Economic Times, etc
  • One daily newspaper like The Hindu, The Times Of India, etc
  • Weekly news from The Prayas India such as News Articles and Special Issues
  • Attend the discussion forums for Current Affairs initiated by The Prayas India, This discussion happens twice a week.
  • Read monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra
  • One can also add on by reading The Prayas India’s monthly magazine. Which is a compilation of all the incidents that took place in the respective month.
  • Lastly, one can always give the Current Affairs test and take Questions for practice. This would help one in understanding his or her knowledge over a particular topic or overall about current affairs.


Which monthly magazine is best for UPSC?


  • Yojana
  • Kurukshetra
  • News Articles and Special Issues prepared by experts, an initiative by The Prayas India
  • The Prayas India’s Monthly Magazine,


Is Yojana enough for UPSC?

Yojana is an important UPSC Magazine or IAS Magazine for IAS Exam or other government exams. However, Yojana alone is not sufficient for current affairs preparation. One must also read other magazines like Kurukshetra, The Prayas India Monthly Magazine, and more. Reading newspapers is also an important source to gain insights on recent occurrences.


What are the current topics in India?


  • Agriculture
  • Art & Culture
  • Commerce
  • Communication
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Environment & Forest
  • Finance & Taxes
  • Food & Public Distribution
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Governance & Administration
  • Health & Family
  • Welfare
  • Housing
  • Home Affairs & Enforcement
  • Industries
  • Infrastructure
  • Information & Broadcasting
  • Labour & Employment
  • Law & Justice
  • Power & Energy
  • RuralScience & Technology
  • Social Development
  • Transport
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Youth & Sports
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